Breaking up and boxing up: How the right storage solution can help you through a difficult transition

Moving is tough, even under the best of circumstances.

What can make it even harder is figuring out the logistics when you’re in the midst of a divorce or recent split.

Sifting through belongings can be painstaking and exhausting… so where should you even begin?!

The important thing is to deal with the essentials- first and foremost. The bedroom furniture, the kitchen appliances, the designer coffee table. Make sure you have a clear idea of what you’re taking with you to start on this next chapter in your life in a new home. Box it up, pack it up, and get it ready for the big move.

This is where it gets tough : Christmas decorations, family keepsakes, the children’s memory boxes, your wedding dress. These are not things you want to be sifting through during what may be a more emotionally difficult time in your life.

These belongings are important to you, and you should absolutely take the time to go through them- when you feel good and ready.

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April showers bring may flowers… along with another basement flood!

Sometimes the only extra space you may have in your home is the spooky, haunted, spider-infested cellar and it just so happens to flood every spring. Why risk the demise of your most prized possessions at the hands of an unpredictable beast?

We get it, Mother Nature : you don’t care about anyone’s vintage comic books, impressive board game library, or extensive record collection.

But we do.

Let’s find you a storage unit that’s affordable, secure and best of all… dry!

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