4 uses for your garage

Your garage is maybe the largest room in your house when it comes to square footage. For many families, it becomes a place to dump junk: sports gear, lawn equipment, garbage, etc. Regardless of whether you have a single or double garage, it’s an ideal area to turn into a functional space. Here are three of the most common uses for garages.

Car parking
Perhaps the most obvious, you can use your garage to park your car or even two! There’s a number of reasons to focus on car storage.

If you live in an area where the weather fluctuates, you might want to park your car indoors. The snow and salt that comes along with clearing snow are some of the worst things for vehicles as they can cause rust – a car’s worst nightmare. Constant rain or occasional hail can also damage your vehicle. Not having to worry about scraping away ice on your windshield every morning before work in the winter is reason enough.

Security may be another. If you have an expensive car, an old muscle car or a hot rod, you’ll want to keep that vehicle indoors for safety. You’ll sleep easier at night knowing your ride is tucked away safely.

If you plan on using your garage primarily for parking your car, pull it in, open all the doors and mark off the area. Organize everything else around that area.

Whether you’re an amateur woodworker that takes on weekend challenges or a professional carpenter, you may wish to turn your garage into a workshop. If you’re a jack of all trades, you may need all the basics like a miter saw or table saw. You may even have more specialized tools like tile or ceramic saws. Regardless, you’ll need a space large enough to store everything safely.

If you enjoy working on your car, you’ll need all the required tools and equipment to help you maintain your vehicle. Maybe you’re an avid landscaper that enjoys tackling any outdoor project. Pick your poison, but you’ll need space to keep all your tools.

There are a few basic things to consider for every workshop or work area. Regardless of the project, you’ll benefit from having a flat surface you can use to lay things down, do small projects or just to lay out your plans. It’s a great idea to keep all your tools close by rather than around the garage, so pick a zone in your garage for the work area and consider purchasing adequate storage solutions.

Most people just want to use the garage for storage and there’s nothing wrong with that. It’s a great place to keep all the odds and ends that don’t belong elsewhere: sports equipment, lawnmower, appliances, among other things. Whether you have too much stuff in your home, or your home is just too small, the garage may be the ideal place to store things.

No matter what’s there, keep it organized! Save yourself time and ensure you know what’s actually in there. Create zones to keep common items together and invest in some basic storage solutions to keep everything tidy, like shelves, plastic boxes or storage systems. Remember to only keep things there that can survive the environment – not all garages are insulated and you may find rodents and insects.

Depending on the layout and size of your house, your garage can be utilized as an extra room – a big one at that! It can be insulated and transformed into an office space. Maybe you’ve always dreamed of having a man cave, but your basement has been overtaken by Barbies, action figures and other kids toys. Did you ever consider renovating the garage and turning it into your own space… maybe even with a wet bar?

On top of that, many people work from home on a part time or full time basis. Yogis, fitness instructors, piano teachers… they all need a large and separate space from the rest of the house. The garage is a perfect place to turn into a studio for various things.

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Jam spots at an affordable rate

Whether you’re just starting off or have a solid group, finding a place to jam is one of the most important things for a band. How else will you bring the house down at your next gig or make it big without practice, practice, practice?

Garage band practicing

Unfortunately, your family and neighbors may not agree on the place you choose to jam. Garages and basements just aren’t built to keep all that awesome in one room. While you’re kickin’ it with your band mates, someone else is slamming on the door asking to keep the noise down.

With houses closer and closer together and built with thinner materials that don’t cancel noise, jamming in the suburbs these days isn’t all that easy. These spaces may also be small because they’re used for other things.

The alternatives aren’t any better. Renting a space on a regular basis comes at a premium. Then there’s soundproofing rooms – who can afford that?!

Have you ever thought of a self storage unit? You’d be shocked to know that many storage facilities offer units for band practice. You don’t need to worry about people asking you to turn it down or a cramped space anymore.

Rock on!

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