Jam spots at an affordable rate

Whether you’re just starting off or have a solid group, finding a place to jam is one of the most important things for a band. How else will you bring the house down at your next gig or make it big without practice, practice, practice?

Garage band practicing

Unfortunately, your family and neighbors may not agree on the place you choose to jam. Garages and basements just aren’t built to keep all that awesome in one room. While you’re kickin’ it with your band mates, someone else is slamming on the door asking to keep the noise down.

With houses closer and closer together and built with thinner materials that don’t cancel noise, jamming in the suburbs these days isn’t all that easy. These spaces may also be small because they’re used for other things.

The alternatives aren’t any better. Renting a space on a regular basis comes at a premium. Then there’s soundproofing rooms – who can afford that?!

Have you ever thought of a self storage unit? You’d be shocked to know that many storage facilities offer units for band practice. You don’t need to worry about people asking you to turn it down or a cramped space anymore.

Rock on!

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Downsizing doesn’t mean junking

Whether you’re downsizing your home, your life or your kids, you may find yourself in need of a storage unit in a hurry.



Maybe you’re retiring and need to move from your five bedroom country home to a condo downtown, closer to a popular neighborhood and friends. Perhaps your kids have moved out of the house, on to university and living lives of their own, and you don’t need that big space anymore.

Sometimes it isn’t your choice. You lost your job and need to downsize to a more affordable home or you’ve gone through a divorce and need to find a new, smaller space. You don’t always choose what life throws at you.

No matter what the case, downsizing doesn’t mean junking – don’t throw everything away! You can keep your belongings that you don’t necessarily access every day: items that remind you of your kids, a vinyl collection, art, power tools, etc… they can all be kept in a self storage unit.

You may need a small storage space, or something a little bigger. Self storage units come in a variety of sizes to suit your needs.

Although you’re downsizing your life, don’t downsize your stuff.

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