3 things people look for when it comes to storage

Searching for storage can take a long time. You need to check different websites, figure out the size of unit you need, compare prices, find the right location, etc. If you haven’t rented a storage unit before, there may be a lot of questions that need answers before you even start your search.

Whether you’re a veteran of the game, or a newbie renting for the first time, here are three things to focus on before booking a self storage unit.

Undoubtedly the most important thing that everyone thinks about first (and right before booking) is the price of the unit. No one wants to overpay or find out later that they could have saved a few bucks with another unit down the road.

Make sure you first determine how much you want to spend. Many self storage facilities offer discounted rates at the beginning, if you guarantee that you’ll commit for a few months. It’s great to get a deal initially, but don’t break the bank once those deals are gone. Figure out the monthly price that works for you and base your price search around that.

Once you’ve figured that out, keep an eye out for deals! Most facilities offer initial booking discounts: the first month free, three months at 50%, $1 for the first month, 10% off if you commit for several months, etc. Many facilities also offer discounts to students, seniors and veterans. Make sure you mention this when you’re booking. Regardless of how long you’re looking for storage, it’s always great to get a deal at the onset!

Ok, so you’ve found the perfect self storage unit based on price… but it’s 30 miles away and offers no drive-up access. Not so good. During your search, consider convenience.

Location is important. Let’s say you find two great units at a similar price, but one is 10 miles closer to home. You’ve just saved yourself 30 to 40 minutes of commute both ways, and what’s more precious than time?!

Other amenities like drive-up access, 24 hour access, or the availability of moving equipment are bonuses. These types of perks can save you time, hassle and energy.

Last thing you’ll need when you’re driving away from your antiques, vintage vinyl collection and keepsakes that you’ve just stored in a facility away from home is the peace of mind that everything is secure.

If you’re looking for Fort Knox, keep an eye out for video surveillance, security systems, a fully fenced property, a well lit property, and a legion of commandos… ok, maybe you won’t find that last one.

Remember that self storage facilities have various security features. If this is important to you, make sure you check what’s available.

Are one of these things more important than another? Maybe paying a little less to drive further to a less secure facility works. Maybe security is the most important aspect and you’re willing to pay a little more.

With these three things in mind – price, convenience, security – you’re ready to do some research and find the storage unit that is right for you.

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