Summer storage on your parents’ dime

The semester is over and you need some R&R after finals, right? You’re planning your summer, when you realize – where do I put all my stuff? Bummer… you have to put your plans on hold.

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Your parents are probably as excited about lugging your belongings back to their clean and tidy garage as much as you are.

A self storage unit offers a great alternative to traveling back and forth between school and home. You can keep your things close to your dorm room or apartment and access them easily when classes pick up again in the fall. Many storage facilities are located close to campuses across North America to make this even more convenient.

Don’t be too worried about cost. Storage facilities offer great discounts for students and deals to cater to your short term needs.

Maybe mom and dad would even be willing to chip in. Better yet, find a friend to share the unit… and the cost.

That way you can save a few bucks for the more important things during summer break.

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